Tradition, knowledge, quality


Swedish Rope is a wide range of rope made of both natural fibres and synthetic fibres. A large part of the program is made by Westerbergs Repslageri in Norrköping. With experience of rope production since the company was founded in 1889, we have selected a range of both laid and braided ropes to meet the needs of our customers in the marine, industrial and artisan sectors. The products that are not made in Norrköping have been selected from producers mainly in Europe and Asia who can meet the quality requirements and standards we have laid down with our customers. Ropes are naturally the core products in the Swedish Rope program but it also includes the accessories that are normally attached to the ends of our ropes (hooks, shackles, thimbles, chains, anchors, buoys, fenders, nets, etc.) and supplementary products such as webbings and round slings for lifting and lashing. We will help you find the right products, whether you look for rope, cords or twines.