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Our commitment to the environment

At AB Knut Westerberg’s Repslageri we have manufactured ropes and laces for over 100 years. Many millions of meters of rope and twine has been shipped out of our factory since we started in 1889. With that follows a certain responsibility towards our employees, our customers and, not the least, our amazing planet. Swedish Rope does what it can as manufacturing industry to ensure that our impact on the environment is as small as possible, and preferably we want to give back more than we take. Therefore, we are starting the construction of a solar panel park this autumn, that will provide both our own manufacturing unit as well as others with clean, solar-powered electricity. We think that this is an investment worth noticing and maybe more people will choose Swedish Rope besides other options in the market.

Here are a few other examples of our daily environmental work:

  • As far as possible, we are packing goods and orders with recycled material such as boxes and plastics. That means that boxes and other packaging material that our customers receive our goods in, may have been used before. We would rather use cartons and materials again than throw them away after one use which is still customary in our society for some reason. Therefore, the cartons you get our goods delivered in may be labeled with another companies’ logos or prints. Do you think this is strange? We think it feels natural and like we’re doing a good deed!
  • We manufacture ropes and strings from many different types of materials, both plastic materials such as polyester multifilament and spun polyester and of natural materials such as hemp, flax and cotton. No material, whether plastic or natural, is nor all bad nor all good in an environmental perspective but at least we always try to use certified raw materials. All cotton yarns we use are, for example, either Oeko-Tex Class 1 certified or made from recycled textiles.