Areas of use

It is not always clear which rope is best suited to a certain situation. At Westerbergs Repslageri, we can help you find the right product from many different materials and types of rope so that you get the optimum solution in terms of function and quality for precisely your needs, whether you are looking for carpet warp or thick mooring hawsers. Our wide product range is used in many different fields such as:

  • Pleasure boats – mooring and anchor ropes, halyards, etc.
  • Commercial shipping – mooring and towing hawsers, pilot and lifeboat ladders, etc.
  • Industry – winch ropes, guy-wires, control ropes, container nets, packaging twines, etc.
  • Iron and construction – tile cords, bricklayer’s cords, packing cords, halyards, etc.
  • Crafts – cords for handicrafts, package cords, macramé yarns, etc.
  • Interior design – ornamental cords, barrier ropes, tiebacks, etc.
  • Animal-keeping – farmer ropes, electric fences, lead-ropes, etc.

…and a number of other fields in various occupations and leisure activities.